There are two challenges which face ship owners and operators as they sail the seven seas ......The comfort of passengers and crew and the preservation and protection of perishables. When your ships operation depends on comfort cooling, process cooling or refrigeration you're in no mood to compromise.


ADRICK is building it's reputation on the basis of the strength of our products, our ability to custom design systems that meet our customers specific needs and the effectiveness of our service organization. We consider these to be our core strength, enabling us to advance our strategies and expand our business. ADRICK has filled orders for some of the world's most demanding vessels in all categories.

Customer-driven, we are continuing to build industry leadership by advancing product technology that enables users to significantly reduce operating cost, save on precious space and weight and satisfy new environmental standards designed to enhance the quality of life.

We Specialize in:



 Ventilation & Heating

 Fan Coil Units

 Air  Handling Units

 Room Terminal Units

 Unit Coolers

 Metal Fabrication

 Yacht A/C.

 Sea Water Flake Ice Machines

 Marine Distributor for Lindab Insulated and non Insulated Spiral Duct & Fittings

 Marine Distributor of MAJA Flake Ice Machines

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